The Perfect Senior Session

Essential Guide to the Perfect Senior Session

Hello Senior!!

This one's for the girls...

The big year you've been waiting on is HERE and closing in. Let me guess, you have photography on your mind but you need to gather all the details to put the cherry on top of your Senior Session? Thought so! Well guess what, I am here to help!

Graduation is a big deal; this will be one of the most memorable moments of your life! So it only makes sense for us to put our heads together, plan it out perfectly to fit your personality, then rock it!


1. What to expect

Some seniors are nervous the day of their session because they haven’t spent a lot of time in front of the camera, but let me tell you, you do not have to worry about that. I’m going to guide you through the whole session. The only thing you need to focus on is being yourself, because that is exactly what I want to capture!

2. Location

We’ll chat about where you would like to go. Think about what you like to do and where you like to spend your time. For now, here are a few ideas I've gathered.

- Pretty pasture {with horses, cows, pretty fence}

- Plantation Home

- Oak/Cypress/Willow/Etc. Trees

- Marsh/Bayou

- Down town

- Your school

- Old barn

- Park/Trails

- Gardens

- Silos

- Farm Fields

Location isn’t always everything; a good photographer can make anything look fabulous. After all, YOU are the subject we are focusing on. Lighting is what is key, I like to shoot a couple hours before sunset.

3. Research

I know you're on Pinterest, if not you should be. It’s a big help when you gather some unique ideas of what type of pictures you would like to get. Don’t hesitate to send me an inspiration board on Pinterest or send a few pictures to my email. Better yet, go through my senior session portfolio and tell me which pictures I’ve done in the past that you really love.

4. Outfits

Multiple outfits make for a good variety. If you browse through my portfolio you can see my style is earth tones, neutral, soft, muted colors.

- Avoid neon colors, stripes, and distracting patterns. - Make sure your clothes aren't wrinkled.

- Pair up different styles. Example:

Outfit 1 - dress

Outfit 2 - jeans & booties

Outfit 3 - distressed jeans & sneakers

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for spring!


Wren & Ivory

Piper & Scoot


5. Shoes

You will be able to see shoes in your photos. Make sure you are comfortable whatever it is, I am all about taking an adventure into who knows where to get the perfect shot. Don't believe me, just ask some of my past clients haha.

6. Beauty

- Eyes: If your focus is anywhere, let it be on the eyes. Your eyes are what draw everyone into the photograph. - Nails: Don't forget these! Your nails will show on camera, so make sure you have fresh paint. - Tan Lines: Tan lines and sunburns are hard to hide, keep your session in mind and try to avoid sun exposure. - Blemishes: Don't fret about it! I can edit them right out. I will make sure you look your best!

- Hair: Remember to bring your brush, bobby pins, hairspray or anything else you may need throughout your session.

7. Props

Decide before your photo shoot what you want to bring. Ideas include: blankets, hats, pets, sport uniforms/equipment, instrument, hobby items, jackets, etc.


8. Attitude Think positive! Have the mindset that this is going to be really easy and fun- because it will be! I will help you with all the posing so you're not standing there thinking, "what do I do with my hands?"

9. Buddy Bring a friend, parent or boyfriend. Someone who will make you relax, make you laugh, and be honest when they think a shot/pose doesn't fit "you."

10. Faith

Have faith in your photographer! You be you and let me be me. With those two things we are guaranteed to have a good time and create a beautiful session.

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