The Parrott Family

And the Leger's. LOVE this family! How sweet when your kiddos buy you a photo session gift card for Mother's Day? Talk about the PERFECT gift! You can NEVER go wrong with photos. Now about the session, HOW FUN aka challenging haha. We had the chickens and the goats out dancing around with them in the air trying to get the kids attention, I mean acting complete fools. But hey, you do what you have to do. Big family sessions are SO hard, for everyone. Learn to not stress, like these fun peeps and just go with it. Candids are always the favorite in the end.

To top it off, they invited my husband and I for supper after and the cooking King (Mr. Mitch) boiled some crabs for us and we hung around visiting and playing with the kiddos. To say I love my clients is an understatement :)

Get Around

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