I have shot big weddings and I have shot small weddings, no matter the size I love to maneuver myself into the middle of all the emotional feels to capture all of the love that fills the atmosphere on this special day. I'm a quality over quantity type of gal and we will get together to capture all the most meaningful parts of the day for you and your family to cherish a once in a lifetime moment forever. Reach out to learn more about what I have to offer for your big day and how we can specialize it to fit your wedding day uniquely. 
Starting at $2,250


believe there are two times in life that you should to pull out all the stops and grab your favorite photographer! Two times that you should never short yourself on a professional photographer to capture a very special time in your life. The first one is your senior year (high school or college) and the second, of course, is on your wedding day. Never pass up a chance to freeze time, let's chat about how we can create a unique senior session just for you.
Starting at $350 


Another big one I love to throw myself into the middle of  to capture all of the love that fills the moment of family snuggles. I'm a candid gal! Don't get me wrong I like the posed pictures, but my favorite (usually clients fav too) is always always always the candid! The hugs, kisses, whispers, playing, tickling, joking and laughing together. I want to capture "your" family just the way "you guys" are. Get in touch and let's snap some shots of you and your babies. 
Starting at $300


Whether it be photos for your engagements, anniversary, maternity or just because, I'm down! It's a date and I'm just the third wheel tagging along to capture all the sweetest, funniest, romantic, tender moments of you two doing what you do best...being in love. Reach out and let's plan an adventure, the walls of your home can always use an update right?
Starting at $300