Megan Marie Co has designed 100% of Bayou Blend Apparel, from the logo, to website, t-shirts, hats, postcards, tags, marketing pieces, down to being the photographer. This awesome Mama of a darling little boy with autism launched this line to offer a tagless, soft touch tees with a printing method to showcase a cool vintage look without the feel of the design for the sensory friendly community. With every purchase, BBA "Gives Back." Check them out over at


Product Design also includes: 


• Label Design

Do you want to create a custom label design for your product, be it a bottle, can, bag, box or pouch? With the help of our professional designer, you will be able to create your own, quality customized label within minutes.

• Package Design  

Product’s packaging is consumer's first point of contact with your product. A beautiful & creative product packaging design reflects your brands personality.  A custom package design has the tendency to grab user's attention and make product memorable.

• Magazine Cover

A magazine's cover is usually the first thing that grabs people's attention. Be it a sports magazine, fashion magazine, cuisine magazine, automotive industry magazine or any else, the magazine owners try to make the cover as catchy as possible. Let Megan Marie Co be the one to help you do that.

• Book Cover

The first condition for a book to be read is that it is picked from bookshelves. There is plenty of reading material available everywhere, and many books are lined up for potential readers in bookshops and online stores. So, how will you draw their attention to your book? The answer is that you have a stunning book cover design.

• CD Cover

A CD cover that catches attention is more likely to sell itself. The amount of creativity put in the design efforts directly relates to the increase of sales.